Go Where You’re Needed

I dislike when people get into the triage of poverty and human suffereing. it’s not about whether the environment is more important than people (please, they’re entirely entangled), or men, women, the elderly or children are more at-risk.  if you’re trying to help a desperate population but are in a culture you don’t understand, with a language you don’t speak, and a history you never learned, you won’t be as effective as you could be.  end of story. 

so don’t try to figure out who needs it the very most, to prioritize the needs of humanity and (in the process of doing so) belittle the lives of those who suffer “less” and those who try to relieve some of that suffering. 

it’s all about finding where your talents line up with a need, just like in the corporate world.  help those you can, those you are best suited to help, and in the end it will be more effective than struggling to help a population that seems worse off, but one which you are ill-equipped to assist.